Monday, 14 May 2012

Before CCSVI

So I thought I’d start a new page on me before CCSVI op and after. So I suppose I’ll start with a list of things at the moment that are annoying, frustrating and all of that.

Before: Cooking – I love to cook but haven’t for ages because my legs hurt after five minutes. I could sit but chopping etc after 5 minutes my hands went all ‘spastic’. So cooking has ceased much to the disappointment of my wife :-)

Before: Excercise – No motivation to do any because it hurts and makes me feel stuffed for hours.

Before: Showers – I still shower but it’s far from a hot shower – its mildly warm at best. Then because I’ve been standing for 8 minutes or so I am stuffed for the next hour or so.

Before: Typing – Just typing this has made my hands start to go ‘spastic’

Before: Cold – I am only just sensing this the last few days, but me feet and hands are always cold.

Before: Fatigue – Just a general feeling that walking outside to spray the weeds for example is a massive effort, so I don’t bother (i do but im stuffed for it)

Before: Heat Intolerance – Hot days, hot showers leave me stuffed.

Before: Bladder – It takes freaking 5 minutes to do a wee, and I have to sit down because standing up for 5 minutes leaves me stuffed.

Before: Leg Pain – That tree trunk feeling when I do just a bit too much – throbbing in pain – not pain like i need to take drugs, but need to sit down and get off them

Before: Neck Pain – Again, im only just realizing this – but my neck is sore – I’ve just ignored it (like the cold hands and feet)

Before: Foot Drop – My right foot just drops – i cant lift it at all which results in walking badly and having to wear the AFO

Before: Balance - I can't stand with my feet together and eyes closed (or open actually) - When moving through a crowded place with people sitting I have to walk very carefully and slowly so I don't fall on them :-)

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