Thursday, 17 May 2012

The morning after the operation

The first thing I noticed within a few hours was my fingers and feet were not cold anymore. The procedure itself is not a walk in the park - the groin insertion part hurts a bit, not unbearable. Then when they blow up the balloons its pretty uncomfortable. If the results end up as I am hoping I wouldn't hesitate to go through it again. Neck is still sore the next morning but not so bad that I need panadol or anything. No other noticeable changes as yet - its only been 15 hours or so - will keep the blog updated daily. Just going to rest for the next few days and let the magic happen.

Doctors report as follows:

The azygous vein was reviewed and is normal.
On the right hand side there was a typical distal venous stenosis. This was treated with a 14mm
balloon without complication. Upper jugular was also stenotic at jawline, treated to 10mm.

On the left hand side there was a stenosis in the upper neck above the level of the jaw. This was
treated with an 8mm balloon with a reasonable result. I then used a 14mm balloon to treat the
distal stenosis also with a good result.
There were no complications. Procedure performed under Heparin cover, post procedure Clexane, long term Aspirin.

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